Friday, June 1, 2012

[Letter] Kim KyuJong handwritten letter [2012.06.01]

I know all of you are eager to know what KyuJong mentioned in the letter, yes, he mentioned that he is going to army from July, very sad news to all of us TripleS and ThanKyu. Wish him all the best and see you again KyuJong 2 years later..... It seems so long thinking of it now..... 

As XiaoChu should be sleeping already, so I will just do a translation based on the Chinese translation. For more accurate translation, please wait for XiaoChu translation tomorrow. As it is translated from Chinese, it would not be as accurate as direct translate from Korean, therefore, I am not allowing reposting of the translation. Just read it to get an idea of his letter. Okay!


Chinese translation 巧可力天堂
English translation:

[Letter][2012.06.01] Kim KyuJong handwritten letter

To ThanKyu TripleS~

Hi everybody! I am KyuJong~
Although keep saying like this, but time has passed very fast! It seems like just debut and now it is already 2012 June.

Everybody's plan has done well? It is not too late now, for what you are planning! Think again carefully~ Hwaiting! The reason for writing after so long is planning to go into army, wanted to tell all pretties personally.

Pretties support has always been in my heart, it is fill with good memories really felt with happiness. Because of all of you, I have went passed my 20s happily.

Always thinking of the words and pondering, in future also wanted to give pretties very great presents, after 2 years later!

Definitely will meet everybody again with better look, definitely! definitely! definitely!

Anticipating the time together with pretties on 3 June!

See you again on that day~ Leave time and memory which are full of laughters

Always thinking of the beautiful memories and time like now, in future also creating beautiful memories. Thank you ^^ Be happy

The best SS501
JDream KyuJong
My handwritings are not good... Please be more understanding~

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