Wednesday, April 4, 2012

[Photo] JungMin's new pet puppy - 독기 (Dokki) [2012.04.03]

In commerative of JungMin's birthday, he is revealing the face of his puppy 독기 (Dokki, sounds like doggie in English ^__^)

JungMin's tweet
@JungMin0403: 생일기념 독기얼굴 공개~~^~^*
[Trans] @JungMin0403: in commemoration of my birthday, here's dokki's face~~^~^*
Thanks XiaoChu for the english translation. ^^

 This is the photo which he tweet previously

 Tada! Meet 독기 (Dokki) ^^

독기 is simply soooooo cuttteeee.....

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