Tuesday, April 3, 2012

[Fancam] YoungSaeng, KyuJong & HyungJun @ B2M CEO 길종화 Wedding ceremony [2012.04.03]

It is a great day today because...... it's wuri dearest JungMin's Birthday! Happy 26th Birthday JungMinnie.... 

It's a great day today also because we have once again see wuri SS501 Sub-unit in action again. ^^ Today YoungSaeng, KyuJong & HyungJun attended the wedding ceremony of B2M's CEO 길종화 (Gil Jong Hwa) together and all 3 of them perform Fin.K.L.'s 'Forever Love' together on stage.

BTW, if you listen carefully, you should have heard that them introducing themselves as SS501. ^___^

B2M's CEO was the ex-manager of Fin.K.L, this is why many current and ex-DSP artists have attended the wedding ceremony too.

Though it is just 3 of them, it still makes me happy to see them together again. Hope the day in which all 5 of them standing together on stage will come one of these day. I am patiently waiting here....

Thanks Madeleine, KyuStory & PrettyboyJun for sharing all these great fancam with us.


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Credit: 허영생 팬사이트 마들렌 HYS Fansite Madeleine http://heoyoungsaeng.com +  

Performing Fin.K.L's 'Forever Love'

Credit: 히스토리(http://kyustory.com) +

Performing Fin.K.L's 'Forever Love'


Performing Fin.K.L's 'Forever Love'

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