Wednesday, April 13, 2011

[Twitter] Boys tweet convo translation on 13 April 2011

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2011-04-13 @ 8:33 PM
@mystyle1103 선물??? 형이?????진짜??????헐????
@mystyle1103 Present??? Hyung??????Really??????hurl????

2011-04-13 @ 8:31 PM
@mystyle1103 형 내가 지금 우울한데 그 이유를 알아봤더니 형 때문이였어ㅡ,ㅡ
@mystyle1103 Hyung, I am feeling depressed right now, and when I tried to find out the reason why, it was because if you hyung -,-

2011-04-13 @ 8:30 PM
@Actor_ParkJiBin 나도 선물사놨어!!
@Actor_ParkJiBin I also bought a present too!!
*In reply to
2011-04-13 @ 7:10 PM

우와!!! 역시 우리누나짱 ㅋㅋㅋ근데뭘까RT @SSungya: @Actor_ParkJiBin 야 선물 사왔어
Woah!!! Indeed, my sister is the best kekeke But what is it RT @SSungya: @Actor_ParkJiBin Yah, I bought you a present

2011-04-13 @ 1:14 AM
@woongcha1 같이가야죠~~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@woongcha1 We should go together~~kekekekekekeke

2011-04-13 @ 12:46 AM
@mystyle1103 수달이~~동물원에 보내 버릴라니깐~ㅋ
@mystyle1103 Otter~~I will send and abdandon you at the zoo~ke

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