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[Interview] HyungJun interview with TV Daily [2011.03.25]

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[Interview 1][2011.03.25] Solo transformist Kim Hyungjun, "Having lesser fans than SS501 days, kinda sad"

Kim Hyungjun who's returned as a solo singer and not the maknae of group SS501 - we saw the more matured side of his this time. Has he broken out of the guardian shell by his brothers? In his eyes we saw eagerness. Whilst we listen to his gag-filled talks, we also see his beautiful smiles spread across his face - as usual. The moment he talks about music and his business, he turns into an ecstatic mode almost immediately. He may still be at a tender age, but having started social life early, his thoughts were as equally deep, and dreams equally big.

In releasing this first album under the name Kim Hyungjun, he has had put in alot of concern throughout the process. As soon as he talks about the album, his eyes shone and becomes playful like a child as if he discovered a new-found toy. Though he is naive and innocent like a child, that didn't seem to be bothersome at all.

"I like sophisticated kind of music, and I pursue after the pop genre of music, and I wanted to do that kind of music. At first, I actually didn't like a song like 'oH! aH!', but as I was recording for it, I began to grow really fond of it. It's really true that you gotta undergo the recording of a song first before the true feel of a song is felt. Even the sound of it is unique - the mystique and dreamy feel. The entire concept in this time's album is about sophistication and simplicity, and at the same time, pop-oriented and neat on the whole. It should only be filled with music that I fancy isn't it (laughs)".

As he described each song inclusive in the album, passion and seriousness was very evident in his eyes. His pride for each song that was produced meticulously by top craftsmen was stinging.

It used to be five members standing together on stage, but now, he needs to stand on the stage alone and fill the presence. Standing on that huge stage alone, filling the presence in front of many fans and adapting to fans' anticipation could bring huge burden for one, however, Kim Hyungjun dismissed that, "I've been thinking about whether or not this is the path that I should take, and after thinking, I realize that I actually like doing it alone", as he laughed it off simply.

"This is the first album under the name Kim Hyungjun so it's very much meaningful, and was produced with a lot of effort and concerns. It used to be five of us doing these, but now that I'm doing it alone, I do feel a little empty. I know it'd be tough and hard but right now, more than fear, I actually am getting anticipated about what I should do in the road ahead".

"This burden was huge in a way it can't be expressed in words. There were also many worries. But hmm could it be because I've been doing alot of personal activities already that, as I'm carrying out solo activities now, the burden was washed away very immediately. That's because I'm able to do the things I want to do in a little more relaxing manner. Now, even if I may think about whether this will be my path to walk or not, it actually seems good in doing it alone. It's really blissful right now. Our members are always watching over me and also rooted on for me by asking me not to tremble too much nor get nervous and strive for No.1".

Could it be because of his bright and positive personality that even with this burden caused, it seemed to have been dumped aside as though insignificant. To Kim Hyungjun, doing solo activities is more about feeling any possible tinge of sorriness and disappointment for his fans, rather than burden that he will feel.

"If I do activities alone, obviously there would be good sides to it too, right. When you sit in vans, there is enough space for yourself; and when I'm in the waiting lounge, I have plenty of time to do thinking on myself. I get to realize what is it that I need to show to people, and this could seemingly allow me to appeal to people. However, I don't personally feel the same amount of huge love received like last time. There were people who have liked me since last time, and also some other people who likes the other members, too. To be honest, my heart feels less full as compared to when the five of us were together back then. I feel a little sadness for that".

Kim Hyungjun did not just talk about how he feels sad and disappointed that he does not feel the same, equal amount of love received as before. Instead, he's a very caring and concerning man who knows how to first tend to fans' feelings wherein they feel sad about not being able to see SS501 on a same stage together for the moment.

It'd be great for us to keep anticipating on what this bright, cheerful and extremely positive man with deep consideration for others would have in store for us on the road ahead of him.

[Interview 2][2011.03.25] Kim Hyungjun, "I want to shoot a movie like 'Rough Cuts' with Hyunjoong hyung"

"SS501, an existence who must go on with him for life; and the generating force in bringing him to where he is now".

Kim Hyungjun is no longer the maknae of group SS501. He is like a veteran singer who's had already debuted for 7 years, and though alone, he's more forthright than nervous. Even his pride was immense. It should be for the fact that he's already very much trained and of course, confidence from within.

Kim Hyungjun could be said to be an extremely cheerful and jovial person. In each moment of the interview conducted, he flashes his beautiful, bright smile to us, and accompanied by that light-hearted voice of his. Though he is always smiling and laughing like a kid, he still possesses that resolution and firmness on matters he needs to do - he treads on his path in a very right manner that should be. There may be an assuring amount of burden on doing activities alone, but Kim Hyungjun does not tie himself to this burden. Instead, he stands firm and self-guards with his curiosity and confidence. Could it be the reason why we actually don't feel the lack of presence of his other SS501 members during his solo stages?

To Kim Hyungjun, SS501 is?

"To me, SS501 is an existence who must go on with me for life; and the generating force in bringing me to where I am now", as he replies us in a manner as though we're asking an obvious.

"Our members gave me alot of support and encouragement. They told me that I must get No.1 (laughs). They're always watching over me, so they told me not to panic on stage while performing, so that gave me real strength". We watch him go back to his status of SS501's maknae as he pulls that cheeky expression across his face the moment he starts talking about SS501, which is a contrast to his serious profile whenever he talks about himself.

As soon as we suggested that he probably can't meet up often with his members due to each's busy schedule, he started to shake his head as he disagrees with us. "We meet often and enjoy over sessions of drinking. However, I can't drink. The other members can tend to drink better... Hyunjoong hyung drinks very smoothly and falls drunk very quickly. And he doesn't wake up". As if he's looking at Kim Hyunjoong falling drunk in front of him right now, he pulls that awkward expression across his face mischievously.

"At this time, Youngsaeng hyung can turn to talk a lot, and also put on a lot of aegyo (cutesy). He imitates. 'Hyungjunie Hyungjunie why are you so pretty' that.. While for Jungmin, he just keeps jumping all over the place all the time... and then for Kyujong, his eyes are just closed".

In his eyes we see when he talks about his members are just but pure faith and adore. They who flaunt their solid and resolute friendship amongst one another. If so, won't we be able to see the day when SS501 stands on the same stage together again?

"Though we're all in different agencies for now, we had made a promise to do activities together no matter what condition it will take. If we can't even fulfil this, then I think we're really disloyal... Even if it may be a very short period, we promised to re-unite. Of course, because we're all in different agencies and so have different activities and schedules, it may be tough and hard, but once each of our personal activities come to its ending period, that's when SS501's album will be released. Either end of this year, or beginning of next year...".

It isn't only music that strikes in common for SS501. Including Kim Hyungjun, Kim Hyunjoong, Park Jungmin and Kim Kyujong have all tried their stand in acting. "Acting with Hyunjoong hyung? I hope that it'd be something like we two could never meet each other because of a fatal affinity... I want to shoot a movie like 'Rough Cuts'. I want to try the role like So Jisub-ssi's with that cool and handsome profile accompanied by an appealing voice".

Mankind Kim Hyungjun VS Singer Kim Hyungjun

In broadcast programmes, we see Kim Hyungjun to be a very bright and extremely friendly person. Even when he does it alone, he can fill the stage to its full, and speaks really well, too. However, the Mankind Kim Hyungjun is actually an introvert who likes to be alone.

"The Mankind Kim Hyungjun is a man who's timid, who has many thoughts, who does not talk a lot, and who has many worries for his future. Going to the Hangang River and gazing into the river, and or taking a breeze walk with the wind blowing its chill against my bones - I like doing those. And I take driving spins a lot too... On the other hand, celebrity Kim Hyungjun is instead, an extremely bright guy who loves the splendid, and also very positive-minded and who also smiles and laughs alot. One who can make people exclaim at the sight of him, 'Kim Hyungjun is really hardworking and really jovial!'", as we feel a sudden and amazing gush of energy across his face spread with a shy smile.

Though he sees himself as a rigid and stern person, the moment he talks about his family, his voice turned really warm. He said he hasn't found his role model, apart from his parents. However, he has actually been influenced with a significant amount by his mother. He looks almost exactly like his mother, too. On top of that, his love for co-habitant cum blood brother Kim Kibum was very much significant as well.

"Kibum is a multi-entertainer. He's got alot of interest for characters and so he was also the first one to initiate about plans to do a character business. He also does song producing well. Should there be a chance, it shouldn't be impossible to have our duet song together, and or an album".

"Kibum's withdrawal is a pity... But since this matter has passed already, I adviced him to just forget about it all and think hard about what he needs to do in future, and start facing the reality hard-headedly here onwards". Although Kim Hyungjun is still at a tender age, he gives these wise advices to Kibum as a skilled senior in the same industry who's already been through all these.

It's not just towards his younger brother. Girl group KARA, who's been his junior under a same agency for years, earns his unhesitated support too. "I believe that you all will be able to settle this smoothly by reaching an amiable compromise on both parties. Rather than hunting for any one's benefit, it would be great if you all could come to a compromise of deciding for a right path that would be suited for each of you".

24 years, the age in desiring to love

24 years old is the age of being all staid and spunky, it's the age where one desires to love and get into a romance with else. But for Kim Hyungjun, however, he wants to concentrate on his career as he delays and pushes back romance for the time being.

"I want to meet my girlfriend 3 years later when I've earned a lot of money. I like feminine girls. She can be conservative too, and she must be able to apply her ears to me well, and also able to aid me wisely. You know, just that kind of natural style of a woman. As for appearance-wise, I prefer if she would be simpler on the whole, rather than being all splendid and magnificent on the outlook. I really like Son Yejin-ssi and Son Taeyoung-ssi. The Son(s) seem to look really beautiful huh (laughs)". Now that's complicated. He seems to have already gotten married with his career.

He may said to want to focus on career for now and delays romance, but he does not detest shooting with females. In his latest album's music videos of 'oH! aH!' and 'Girl', he's danced to two pretty dancers named Oh Yeonseo and model Yang Yoon-young respectively, and that did cause bouts of discussion back then as well.

"(If there are scenes with the opposite gender) Last time, I wouldn't talk a lot with them and so we end up kinda shy when we shoot, but now, I've gotten a little more treacherous with that. I'll think if it's better to do it like-that-like-that, and then I'll discuss it with her, and in no time, we grow close. Because she will be the female lead in there, so that actually gave me encouragement rather than if I were to do it alone (laughs)".

"What I want to achieve most with this time's album is No.1", as Kim Hyungjun pours his desire for his career. Just like how he's challenging in each diversified field with a positive and straight-forward mindset, let's just keep anticipating on how he'll work his way towards No.1.

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