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[Fan Account] Fan Account of Kim HyungJun's Mini Surprise Fan Event [2011.04.06]

I figure I must share this with everybody, to let you understand the hard work of wuri Maknae HyungJun, which I believe all of us have seen it through the activities that he went to. Continue to give him more support for his coming events.


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[Fan Account][2011.04.06] Fan Account of Kim HyungJun's Mini Surprise Fan Event

Opening Message:
Will think of writing this article, is because over this month period, was very touched and heart pain, maybe some might thought that, this is a article to brag, but, when going to HyungJun's activities, rather than to see the person himself, most important of all is to give him support, I think... even if being said as bragging... also nevermind~
"Because, the main purpose is only to hope that via these words, would be able to let more people understand HyungJun's hardwork!!"


4 April 
On the day, I received an SMS from my friend, the sms content was: "We are KBS 'Star Life Theatre Stalker' Production Team, on 6 April we would want to give Kim HyungJun a surprise event, allowing entry for around 100 person, hope everybody will actively participate; Detail location and time, will inform everybody again."
Because the special way the information was released, therefore I reconfirmed again with friend that I know, the friend only asked: "How did you know about this? HyungJun himself doesn't know about this news, do not release anything online, please keep as secret!"

5 April 
Once again I received SMS from my friend with the confirmed time and location. 19:00 @ a pub near Hongdae. I reached the event venue at about 17:30, when reaching the venue, I have seen mostly familiar faces~ The korean fan in-charged gave me a 'green paper', mentioning that it was for questions for HyungJun to pick later~
Everybody entered the event venue at around 6pm.
After entering, first the PD of 'Star Life Theatre Stalker' friendlily informed everybody about the entire process and also the purpose of the event~
Today's program is to give Kim HyungJun a surprise
During these 2-3 weeks, everybody had been watching program right?
In actual fact, until now, our broadcasting contents are already enough
However in this month together with HyungJun, seeing that he was really hardworking and very truthfully presented every side of him in the program
Therefore, was thinking of holding such an activity, to give HyungJun some supports
Thank you all of you who have specially came to attend the activity, there are a lot of familiar faces
We had filmed the fan sign event, you were also there~
Kim HyungJun really don't know about this program today
He only knew that he is coming to be interviewed
Because of some personal reason, he was feeling very down today, therefore, everybody do cheer for him
Who knows he might be too touched and might drop his tears
Everybody had received the paper and wrote down your wishes right? Don't bobo and etc, like use handphone to take photograph together is also alright
Also don't ask him to sing, because he must sing... as for singing what, you do the song request, he~ whatever you ask him to do, he will do

Then the members from fanclub started to give out candle look-alike lights and green balloons
Also started to discuss how to cheer for HyungJun (Originally wanted to sing 'I am' but it was too difficult~)
Finally changed to sing
'HyungJun please work hard, aren't you have us?
HyungJun please work hard, because we are together with you'
HyungJun arrived earlier than the schedule time at the event venue
Manager Sung Chan came in to look around first, everybody in the event venue had been reminding each others to keep quiet and not turning on their lights~
After a while, heard some footsteps (The feeling was just like Hwang buin's Japan trip)
Once the door was opened~
Everybody turned on their lights and cheer~
Then there's fans saying -- Start to sing~
HyungJun.... Was totally stunned!!!!!!!
Following by that there's a cake with HyungJun's cartoon character and name being brought on stage
HyungJun asked -- Can I blow the candle?????
Everybody while cheering said please blow (Those were not screams but cheers!!!!!)
After blowing the candles, HyungJun said
I thought it is an interview, so it actually is for this, OMG, I was shocked, I thought it is an interview
Because of that, had not prepared a lot when coming here, I have just went to the skin docter
I am still trembling now, really didn't think about this
Fans replied -- just conduct the program in a light mood~
After that, a fan representative, read a letter to HyungJun....
The content, was roughly like this:
'The most charming in the world and the most kind HyungJun' kinda opening~
The activities this time was really very tough, all of us knew about it, your hardwork, we had seen in our eyes etc....
(Comparing to Oppa saranghae, this letter, really spoken out what everybody wanted to tell HyungJun)
Kim HyungJun, while listening started to burst into tears....
The following was a simple arrangement of the main point of HyungJun's speech:
Last time when in the group, really wanted to come out to work on my own, felt that it should be very easy, simply do also can do very well
However this time after really coming out, then realized, actually everything, is not as simple, I, am a completely new comer,
everybody also knew about it, new comer, don't have a lot of broadcast rate
Like this type of event today, is really very great, everybody have your meal?
In future, lets have more of such activities, to have closer interaction, to me, you are like my family
In future if there's chance, really, I will treat everybody to a meal~
To you whom are like my family members, if I have any shortcomings, must definitely let me know
Then I can do even better

(The next segment was selecting fans wishes, total have to select 5)
The first that was selected --- tell him, she wish to have Piropiro
HyungJun immediately said ok... but it is currently out of stock, Piropiro really has very high popularity
At around mid April will be released again, during that time, will definitely send to you (and even instructed his manager to ask for her address)
After that the other 2 he picked were noona fans~
Noona fans generally told him that he had done very well this time, wanted him to take care of himself kinda things
There's one started off with 'HyungJun who is just like my son~'
The 4th was still a noona fan
This noona fan, her entire contents were talking about his manger!!! (This nonna I also know her and was actually beside me)
HyungJun after reading laugh crazily
At the same time, he officially introduced his 2 managers who are helping beside him since he joined S-plus
Marshmallow Hyung (Looked like a cool city man)
Anchovies Hyung (is a hot blooded man, a nice person, HyungJun even asked him whether he wants to work with him till death....)
Anchovies Hyung don't know what to answer but kept in silence
He also said Anchovies hyung is not very old, is a '86-yearer, hope everybody will get along well with them
The 5th... Question is...
The present you wanted to give JungMin, which was a very huge present, what was that? Have you given him??
Wish -- Aegyo 10seconds to the video camera

HyungJun answered:
Just gave him something he needed... something needed in his new home
Aegyo aiyo I am already 25th, recently my aegyo skill has turned bad... just skip over like this~
Actually PD's video camera has already faced to him, wanted him to agyeo for 10seconds
After that must be thinking of the broadcast contents
Picked one more.... (That person selca with her handphone together with him)
While taking the photograph he said Smartphone eh, good, can play games, I also used this to play games
After that was answering questions time
3 fans asked their questions (These were pre-selected, because most don't like to be filmed by video camera)
1st question, asked whether he had relationship with anybody from the circle
He said No... really don't have
2nd question, whether he had went out privately with other lady artists?
Has been a singer for 7 years, about 10 times, all were with noona, seem like I need to reflect on that.
Currently was not in the same company as KARA, and seldom keep in contact, Rainbow ah, just with JaeKyung, originally already was closer to her
3rd question, which the fan first thanked him for giving everybody a wonderful time over these 6 years
HyungJun looked at her and keep bowing and said thank you
Question: What is the most happiest and saddest moment during this activity period...
Most happiest moment was during the time when receiving the CD, and while waiting in the Comeback waiting room when seeing Kim HyungJun name appeared on screen.... because finally made it
Most saddest moment was there was once or twice when lie on bed looking at the sky outside the window, was asking myself why was it like this
There's still broadcast tomorrow, how to do well....

After that everybody wanted him to sing, wanted him to sing the song he sang during the pop challenge yesterday
Talking about this, he was really happy.... because he won No.1!!!
So he sang a short section, Park JinYoung's Honey... (This kid, was really strong in singing live)
After that everybody wanted him to sing song from his new album
Said 'Not other girls but you' this song...
He said that was his favourite song~
Then started to ask everybody what concept would be good for the next album, asking us to give some suggestions
After that he sang a short segment of each song from his new album
(Really like what the PD said, this kid, whatever you asked him to do, he will do, really very good to command around)
After the event completed
To the requests from fans
Had a Hi-5 session (PD originally said, this will spend a lot of time, but ok can be arrange but hope everybody please try not to delay)
In the end, HyungJun shook hand with us one by one...
And also chat with us one by one...

It was a great little event
Really thank you 'Star Life Theatre Stalker' for conducting such an activity
Just like what HyungJun said, it was just like a mini fan meeting
really warm and touching~~
During this whole month, actually it was very tough for everybody
In the one hour plus duration, HyungJun must had felt that there were still people cheering for him
As for us, we could felt the most sincerest return from HyungJun to everybody
PD said... HyungJun was mumbering that there are no more stalker fans now
(Once everybody heard that, we burst into laughters...)

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  1. This is really touched. Thank you for trans such a precious story to us. i can't stop crying while reading. TT


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