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[Diary] KyuJong, 'Hi hi hi..^^ Hello!! I am KyuJong....!!' [2011.04.01]

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[Diary][2011.04.01] KyuJong, 'Hi hi hi..^^ Hello!! I am KyuJong....!!'

Woah.. This is the first message in my own personal homepage!! Writing a message in a whole new place, I feel awkward
And excited.. and lonely.. well anyway!!.. Isn’t it a good thing to be enjoying something new..^^!!
Pretties…^^ Hello. It’s been a long time~~ Has everyone been doing good?!!
2011’s April has already started.. The cold winter is gone and new spring has approached!!
Is everyone carrying out their New Year resolution little by little, or that you have forgotten all about it, it seems like a good time to do some reflection for once~~
For me, hm..I am fulfilling my New Year resolutions!!.. Fortunately too!! I used to really cannot keep my resolutions, but this year is different!!~~hm.. I think it is because I have more time on my own.
I was really busy running all these while.. I was just running without looking back, unable to stay true to the present and not knowing what is in front of me..^^ And that explains why time is so precious to me these days…Studies which I wasn’t able to do all these while or movies I wanted to watch..
Music I wanted to listen to..ah!! Memories of my childhood comes upon my mind while I listen to songs which I listened to in the past, why does it feels so good these days..^^!! And now watching the movies again which I watched randomly before..
There are morals (in movies) in each and every one..^^ Even in the lyrics which I passed through previously, looking at them now, they are the lyrics which made me who I am now~ Things which we took for granted.. Just something that brushed past us.. because now then I realized how fortunate it was~~^^
Thank youuuuu !!!~~
Heehee^^ Time files, isn’t it?!! Woah.. Eueueu!! There is a clock right in front of me now
Why is the second hand moving so fast..!! Even though knowing how time flies like this, I am very ashamed.. that I sometimes I am taking it easy!!~~
Homepage is still quite empty isn’t it?!! TT Quickly~~ prepare diligently and pack my schedules full!
I will also fill here up with my activities’ photos!!! ^^ I think I should keep some time for myself now~
Looking at pretties too!! Our pretties whom I like and who likes me, I will work hard so you won’t be ashamed of me~~Slowly~~I will walk out~ wait for awhile more !! Yoohoohoohoohoo!!~~
I hope for you to be always filled with good things and with laughters..I sincerely hope so !! Even if you are annoyed, or angry, just let it pass !!..
This was what I read in a book not long ago !!~

“Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Weep, and you weep alone..”

“When you get angry, count to ten”
-Thomas Jefferson-

Aren’t these great words?^^ heehee Read the two lines and tell me how you feel~~
Because then I can do more thinkingggggg!!! ^^
Anyway!! It is 1st April!! April Fool’s Day!! I think it means to start with a smile~
Weather is also getting warmer so I’m getting languid and body is bound to get heavier. Starting again with a smile!!
Though this is in my opinion only..^^ heehee
Pretties~~ I wish to see you often and frequently but I am sorry that I could not do so.. Wait for awhile more!!
I will look for you soon~ hee Stay healthy always and eat your meals on time !! Hope you will see only good things and create only good things and think of only good things..!! I sincerely hope soooo~~ Byyy KyuJong ^^!!!

“hm.. Not long ago.. I was really surprised when I heard the news of Japan earthquake..Frankly speaking, I was very worried..I made calls to friends and staffs who are in Japan.. I am also worried about fans.. Because it is a huge disaster..I couldn’t dare to say anything… I wanted to be of some help.. I was always getting help from others, but unable to give help so I am only full of apologies.. I am always praying with my heart.. Sincerely praying.. for the good days to come sooner.. I sincerely hope so.. We will be able to overcome it when we all stand together..!!”


Original Korean Message

[규종][2011.04.01] 안녕안녕안녕..^^안녕하세요!! 규종입니다....!!

우와.. 제 개인홈페이지의 첫 글이네요 !! 새로운 곳에 글을 쓰려니 어색하기도하면서

설레이기도 하면서..허전하기도 하면서.. 뭐랄까 아무튼!!.. 새로움을 즐긴다는건

참 좋은 일이지요..^^!!

이쁜이들...^^ 안녕하세요 오랜만이예요~~ 잘들지냈어요?!!

벌써 2011년의 4월달이시작되었네요.. 추운 겨울이 가고 새로운 봄이 찾아오네요!!

새해 계획들은 다들 조금씩 실천하고있는지 아니면 살짝쿵 잊어버렸는지 한번 돌이켜

보기 좋은 시간인거같아요~~

저는 음..새해 계획 잘 실천하고 있답니다!!.. 다행히도!! 예전에는 정말 작심삼일이었

는데 올해는 안그런다구요!!~~ 음.. 개인적인 시간이 많아져서인거같아요.

정말 그동안 달려오기에 바빴고..뒤도안돌아보고 현재도 충실하지못하고 앞에 뭐가있는

지도 모르고 그냥 달려왔던거같아요..^^ 그래서 그런지 요즘 시간이 저에게 참 소중한

시간으로 다가오는거같아요..그동안 하지못했던 공부들이나 보고싶었던 영화나..

듣고싶었던 음악.. 아!! 어릴때 추억을 떠올리면서 예전에 듣던 노래듣는게 요즘

왜 이리 좋은지..^^!! 그리고 무심코 그냥 본 영화들도 이제와서 다시보니까..

하나하나 교훈이 들어있었구..^^ 스쳐지나간 노랫말에도 지금들어보니 지금나를 만들어

준 노랫말들이었더라구요~ 당연할게만 느꼈던 것들이.. 그냥 스쳐지나갈뻔했는데..이제라

도 알게되어서 얼마나 다행인지~~ ^^ 감사합니다아아아아 !!! ~~

히히 ^^ 시간 참 빨라요 그쵸?!! 우와.. 으으으 !! 지금도 내 눈앞에는 시계가 있는데

초침은 왜이리 빠르게 흐르는지..!! 이렇게 시간이 빠른줄 알면서도 가끔 태평하게

있는 제 모습이.. 너무 부끄럽군요!!~~

홈페이지가 아직 많이 썰렁하죠?!! ㅠ 빨리~~ 준비 열심히해서 스케줄표도 꽉꽉 채우고!

활동 사진도 가득히 채울께요!!! ^^ 이제 혼자만의 시간도 살짝 넣어두어야할거같아요~

이쁜이들도 보고!! 나를 좋아해주고 내가좋아하는 우리 이쁜이들이 나를 부끄러워하지

않게 열심히 ~~ 천천히 ~~ 걸어나갈테니~ 조금만 기다려요 !! 유후후후후!!~~

언제나 좋은일 웃음 가득한일 가득하길..진심으로 바래요 !! 짜증나도 화가나도 살짝

넣어두기 !!..

얼마전 책에서 본건데 !!~

"웃으라 그러면 이 세상도 함께 웃을 것이다. 울어라 그러면 너 혼자 울게 되리라.."

"화가나면 열까지 세라"
-토머스 제퍼슨-

참 좋은말이지 않아요?^^ ㅎㅎ 두줄읽고 나한테 느낀점 말해주기이이이~~

그래야 저도 더 많이 생각을 하니까요오오오오오 !!! ^^

무튼 !! 4월 1일이잖아요 !! 만우절 !! 웃으면서 시작하라는 뜻인거같아요~

날씨도 풀려서 나른해지고 몸도 무거워지기마련이니까 웃으면서 다시 시작해보라는!!

제생각이지만..^^ ㅎㅎ

이쁜이들~~ 자주 자주 만나고싶은데 그러지 못해 미안해요..조금만 기다려요!!

곧 찾아뵐께요~ 히 항상 건강하구 밥잘챙겨먹구 !! 좋은것만보고 좋은것만듣고 좋은생각

만하길..!! 진심으로 바래요오오오~~ 규종이가아아 ^^!!!

"음.. 얼마전..일본 지진소식을 듣고 정말 놀랬어요..솔직히 너무 걱정이되어서..일본에계시는 친구분들 스텝분들께 안부전화를드리구.. 팬분들걱정도되었는데..너무 큰 일이라..감히 제가 어떤말도 하지못하였습니다... 도움이 되고싶은데..늘 도움받기만하고 주지못해서 죄송한마음뿐입니다.. 마음으로 늘 기도하고.. 간절히 바랄께요..하루빨리 좋은 날이 오길.. 진심으로 바라겠습니다.. 우리 모두 함께라면 해나갈수있을꺼에요..!!"

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