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[Video + Rough translation] HyunJoong cut @ KBS Happy Together [2013.08.15]

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HyunJoong was asked about when he is most handsome? He replied: After make up. When looking at his bare face he can't bear to sigh. He has very serious dark eye circles, and it was covered after make up. MC replied that even with a panda eyes he still have the handsome man aura. 

MC asked about his popularity in 2009 'Boys over flowers'. HyunJoong replied that during that time he was busy filming, almost disconnected with the outside world, so he had not much feelings over it. Only recently then he felt his popularity during that time and he regretted for not enjoying that feeling during that time.

HyunJoong talked about his part time work also. He mentioned that during Primary, he woke up at 6am to solve mathematics questions, that's how he study diligently. After secondary, he started not to like to study, and started to work part time jobs. His total savings starting from his young time to the part time jobs total up to 100 million won. He also mentioned that because of his look, he was well liked by female customers.

HyunJoong also mentioned that he was ditched by girls many times. He mentioned that he received sms for break up. The girl sent: 'Live Well'. HyunJoong replied: 'Noted.'. He also mentioned about his relationship style, when he is in love, he is the type which will fall into totally. If there's a date to go somewhere, he will make preparations from beginning to end as he can't bear to see the helpless look from his girl friend. HyunJoong also revealed that he had ever called an ex-girl friend name to his girl friend before and he was shocked after making the mistake.


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