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[MiniUFO Report] HyunJoong speech translation while making 3rd cake [2012.06.10]

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During cake making for 3rd fan. MC asked 3rd fan how to address her. She answered: '叫我容就可以了' (Just call me 'Rong'). HyunJoong mistaken that she is telling him her name in full. So he said '叫我容'. (Call me 'Rong') Everybody laugh hilariously. The he said Annyeong haseyo Rong.

HyunJoong said her name sounds long when he heard but in actual it is just so short. The fan said she fear that if it is too long, he would not know how to call her. Her full name is Gu Yu Rong.

HyunJoong: What type of ingredient do you wish to get?
Fan: Must be some weird ingredients.
HyunJoong: it might not be weird.
Fan: It will be great if it is not weird.
HyunJoong: Lets take a look and see whether the ingredients are weird or not?

He revealed the ingredients and it is spring roll & Peking Duck.

HyunJoong: Do you like Peking Duck?
Fan: I prefer Nanjing Salted Duck
HyunJoong: Oh. is it?
Fan: But I also like Peking Duck.
HyunJoong: So I also Peking... But to me this ingredient is also not suitable.
MC: You can choose to use these ingredients that you used previously.
HyunJoong: The reason why I didn't using Peking duck although I am in Beijing today is because I think cake and Peking duck doesn't match. I think I will use the previous ingredients to make a cake for you.

HyunJoong started to make 'poison' cake 3.

After made finished, HyunJoong: is it pretty or not?
Fan: It is pretty.
HyunJoong: Have you seen the poster of Asia FanMeeting before coming in?
Fan: Yes.
HyunJoong: Since the Asia Tour is going to end, so the ear rings that I wore in the poster has no more use again.

Show the ear ring which he wore in the poster.

HyunJoong: This is the ear ring which I wore in the poster.
HyunJoong put ear ring box on the cake. Screams of jealousy from fans.
MC: You are really very lucky, previously all the lucky fans get a ring, but you get a pair of ear rings. How do you feel now?
Fan: Very excited.
MC: But you looked very calm.
HyunJoong: I will take a Polaroid later, the colour of the ring and the cake is similar, please be careful not to eat it accidentally.
MC: Let you have a chance. If you have a chance to talk to HyunJoong, what do you want to tell him most?
Fan: I want to ask whether did you received the skull drinking cup which I give you on Friday.
MC: Oh, so you went to the Shanghai FM.
Fan: Yes.
HyunJoong: All the present will be packed and brought back to Korea. I will check on it when I am back to Korea. I will not lie that I have seen it even thou I have not check on it yet. But I believed that I have received the present and when returning to Korea I will definitely check on it.
HyunJoong: Today is the last FM, the 2nd person has a autograph photo, and the 3rd person he gave a pair of ear rings, and I think the 1st person cake is too simple, I think I want to sign for her. May I know what is your name?
Fan's name is Liu Si Tong.
HyunJoong wrote in English because MC spell it for him.

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