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[News] Kim HyunJoong, Returns to TV after 2 Years with ‘Conquest of the City’ [2012.05.02]

Thanks XiaoChu for the translation! 

At last we can see HyunJoong acting a different kind of role, this time it will be a complete change from the usual BOF and MK kinda sweet and gentle guy but instead he should be a more manly and probably a little bad boy in this new role! Hehe I like bad boy role. Something new for anticipate. 

These few days are full of good news from him, first his collaboration with B'z for the new song and new album releasing on 4 July and now this confirmation of his new drama! And I am waiting for Friday's surprised from him ^^


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[News][2012.05.02] Kim HyunJoong, Returns to TV after 2 Years with ‘Conquest of the City’

Singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong will be returning to TV with drama ‘Conquest of the City’.

Kim HyunJoong went on as a singer, releasing mini albums, digital singles, etc after he finished MBC drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’ back in 2010. It is expected that local and overseas fans who have been waiting for his comeback on TV will attract great attention on the news of his confirmation in acting of this drama.

‘Conquest of the City’ is a drama adapted from a comic of the same name written by Shin HyungBin. The original comic has published a total of about 270 issues since its released in 1996 with 6 parts and boasts an accumulated sales figure of 10million copies, it is currently a popular published series.

‘Conquest of the City’ is a combination of humanism and action, main character Baek Mir resents his father for leaving him and his mother when he was young and after he grew up, he plans to take revenge on the evils in the society which drove his family to destruction.

In this drama, Kim HyunJoong will act as Baek Mir, who is an orphan, going through all sorts of difficulties and making through his tough life, but who is also a weak man in front of love. He will have a complete transformation to a tough image which has a different masculine attraction from that of the original work which is a gentle and perfect character.

‘Conquest of the City’ will be directed by Yang YoonHo who directed ‘Fighter of the Wind’ and ‘Holiday’, and written by Hwang JuHa who wrote drama ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Lie to Me’. Broadcast schedule is not finalized yet.

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