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[News] Kim HyunJoong collaborate with B'z - Best Musician in Japan, releasing Singles on July [2012.05.01]

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Can't wait to hear this new song from HyunJoong! DEABAK!

Please see here for purchase info of the new album HEAT: http://datv.jp/shopping/user_data/packages/default/khj-2ndjapanmini.html
There will be 2 songs in this album, 
1. Heat (Composed by B'z)
2. Let's Party

Source: Nikkan Sports News
Chinese Translation: 雪舞天涯@百度金贤重吧 @ Hyunbar66.com
English Translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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[News][2012.05.01] Kim HyunJoong collaborate with B'z - Best Musician in Japan, releasing Singles on July

B'z personally composed the song and lyrics for Korea Actor cum Singer Kim HyunJoong's new song HEAT. This is B'z first attempt to compose for other singer, which Koshi Inaba is in charged of song writing. Tak Matsumoto is incharged in composing this song for HyunJoong's 2nd Single in Japan, to be released on 4 July. Since debut on 1988, this is the first time Koshi Inaba and Tak Matsumoto compose for other singer. The passion of the No.1 Kpop solo singer Kim HyunJoong has wavered the heart of the Japan Top Singers.

Kim HyunJoong owns all B'z albums. During his solo album press conference on last year November, he has already openly revealed that he is a B'z fanatic fan, he has always loved B'z songs. Upon receiving HyunJoong's request for collaboration, related personal has brought up the suggestion to B'z, and B'z side has agreed to it very fast. Doing their best to create a unique song, the B'z duo not only compose the song but will also involved in recording, Tak Matsumoto will be in charged of Guitar, while Koshi Inaba will be singing together, and also giving suggestions to HyunJoong.

New song HEAT is a song suitable for summer, a fast pops number, Koshi Inaba high pitch and HyunJoong sweet voice combining together will create an exceptional harmony. Tak Matsumoto unique "Crying Guitar" performance will become the best lubricant for the song. During last year June mini album released winning Lady Gaga and won no. 1 in the Oricon charts, and selling up to 150,000 for his Japan debut Single during January this year!

Kim HyunJoong expressed: "Felt very honored. I have received a lot of suggestion from both of them from B'z and has happily completed the recording, this is a high completion song, please keep in anticipation."

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  1. FYI, the news source is Nikkan sports, not Ikkan. And I won't be calling B'z "musicians", they are hard rock band duo!


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