Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[Video + Msg Trans] HyunJoong @ Yahoo Buzz Award [2011.12.20]

Congratulations to HyunJoong for winning Yahoo Buzz Award under the category of:
1. Taiwan Most Popular Korea Artist
2. HongKong Most Popular Korea Artist
3. Asia Most Popular Korea Artist
4. Korea Most Popular Artist

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HyunJoong thank you speech translation
Hello, (Mandarin) I'm Kim HyunJoong. Winning this great award for 3 yrs in Hong Kong, really thank you very much. Will cont. to work hard in future. Thank you. (English) Thank you Hong Kong fans & TripleS & Henecia

When asked about his plans for 2012
HJ: Year 2012 will continue singer and actor activities, and also in year 2012 will start promotion in China. Hope to keep in anticipation.

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