Saturday, March 9, 2013

[Info] YoungSaeng - 'LIFE' album cover + track list

YoungSaeng's 'LIFE' album cover is released by B2M. Like the album cover very much! Very bright and lively and cute~~~~~ ^^


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[허영생] 미니3집 [LIFE] 자켓이미지 미리보기 2컷!
[Heo YeongSaeng] 3rd Mini Album [LIFE] jacket image 2nd preview!

Track List

1. Life
2. 작업의 정석 (타이틀곡) [Title Song]

3. 그게 나야
4. 알아 다
5. 작업의 정석 (Inst.)

By the way,  if you would like to know more about the style of each song, please visit Ode's blog, she has wrote a very detail description of each song, thanks Ode for the translation.

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