Friday, August 30, 2013

[Video] HyunJoong @ Lotte Duty Free MV Making Film: Choi Ji Woo & Kim Hyun Joong

Duty duty Lotte duty free....

It is fun to watch the special MV making film released by Lotte. Lotte has sub the video in chinese and english, and there is a japanese and korean version. I have attached all here. Guess you won't mind clicking all of them to watch one by one cos wuri HyunJoong is inside ^___^

HyunJoong must be quite tired, he was caught yawning quite a few times. Keke... And his shocked look when he accidentally knocked something is cute~

By the way, Lotte Duty Free also released the full MV making which contain more clips of HyunJoong, I have previously shared that also, but if you want to view it again, it is available at 

And..... there's also a HyunJoong only clip here:


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Eng Sub

Chinese Sub

Japanese Version (Embed code disable, can't embed video here)
Korean Version (Embed code disable, can't embed video here)

Lastly, if you still have not enough HyunJoong after watching all of the Choi Ji Woo & Kim HyunJoong version, Full Making Version, Kim HyunJoong version. There's still a little bit here and there of HyunJoong in...... Choi Ji Woo version also. I know you won't miss out any little chance even we just get to glimpse of his back or side view only right? Keke....

Eng Sub

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