Thursday, August 1, 2013

[Preview + Eng Text Translation] HyunJoong in 6 Aug SBS 'Hwasin - Controller of the Heart' Preview [2013.07.31]

Glad to see HyunJoong appearing in more variety show, I love to see him in variety show, that's when he shows most of his 4D self. ^^

The SBS 'Hwasin - Controller of the Heart' episode which HyunJoong will appear in will be broadcast at 11.20pm, 6 August 2013.


Credit: Sakura Dream +
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English text translation credit:
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Title: 2013 Fated Rival Special
Kim Gura: bought female costume
Title: Kim Hyun Joong - Hanryu star's secret interest
Yoon Jong Sin: Stockings & female school uniform
HyunJoong: Fascinated by swimming
Title head: Kim HyunJoong's dream of world first marine boy
Kim Gura: Who exactly are you? 
Lee Jung Hyun: In China my fan club is 300,000 (This is why HyunJoong was shocked!)

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