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[News] Kim Hyung-joon in "Gold, Appear!" as Han Ji-hye's brother [2013.03.21]

Yeah! One more drama to look forward! Wuri baby going to act in a new MBC drama 'Gold, Appear!'. The drama will start broadcasting on April 6th! ^__^


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[News][2013.03.21] Kim Hyung-joon in "Gold, Appear!" as Han Ji-hye's brother

Kim Hyung-joon is starring in the upcoming MBC weekend drama, "Gold, Appear!".

Kim Hyung-joon's agency claimed, "Kim Hyung-joon has been cast for the drama "Gold, Appear!" as Han Ji-hye's little brother Mong-gyu".

Mong-gyu is a bright and cute character who spends time with his mother like a girlfriend but is a good example of a kangaroo kind. He is one who has no intentions to be independent or get a job.

Meanwhile, "Gold, Appear!" is a collaboration between writer Ha Cheong-ok and producer Lee Hyeong-seon. This drama talks about the middle class who live in bluff and fact while desiring the high class.

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