Monday, January 9, 2012

[Video + Chi Sub] KyuJong cut @ Go! Mrs. Go! Ep8 [2012.01.08]

Sob... why KyuJong appearance in the drama is so short..... I want more more more KyuJong please....

Thanks  for sharing the HD video cut of KyuJong in the drama.

Compilation of KyuJong @ Go! Mrs. Go! + Chinese Sub List


Please DO NOT Re-upload video to any other streaming websites

Chinese Sub 

翻译 arigato555 校对 bonnybanks 
时间轴 redcat111 压制 haruko79 

Translator: arigato555 Proof reader: bonnybanks 
Timer: redcat111 Editor: haruko79 
[Kyu's]金圭钟中文网 [Kyu's] Kim KyuJong Chinese Site 
Please include the above credits when repost 

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