Tuesday, July 3, 2012

[Photo] HyunJoong @ 'HEAT' Handshake Session in Odaiba [2012.07.03]

Today HyunJoong held a handshake session in Odaiba for fans who purchase any of his album. Each purchase will entitle to a handshake. 

Due to his popularity, a long queue was formed and around 5000 people has reportedly shake hand with him. Some fans had even brought their children to queue with them. As usual, leader was extremely kind to the kids and would lean down to talk to the kids or hug them. Since some had purchased more than one album, they had to walk all the way to the end of the queue, it was shared that to reach the end of the queue, fans has to walk more than few streets away and the walking distance was about 30mins! In the middle of the session HyunJoong had to change hand to shake using left hand due to pain after shaking hand with so many fans. As usual, whenever wuri Rain God appeared, there would be rain. It was raining quite heavily today and fans had to queue in the rain while waiting for their turn to shake hand with HyunJoong.

It was a tiring day for both HyunJoong and fans but they must have an unforgettable day.

Here's some media photo by KEJNews


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