Sunday, March 4, 2012

[Video] KyuJong @ 'Go! Mrs Go!' Ep 23 [2012.03.03]

Wish that there are translation for the full episode of 'Go! Mrs. Go!', although KyuJong only appearred in the drama for very short air time but I guess watching the whole drama can understand the storyline more. But so far I can't find any subgroup subbing it yet. Kyu's fangroup only sub Kyu's part only. If you know of any group subbing the entire episode, do let me know in the comment box. ^__^ many many thanks~~~

Thanks  for sharing the preview in her youtube channel.

'Go! Mrs. Go!' is broadcast at TV Chosun every Saturday & Sunday is move forward to 6:50pm KST. You can watch it online at

Compilation of KyuJong @ Go! Mrs. Go! Episode List

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