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[News] Kim HyunJoong's fans grouped around huge poster & caused chaos [2012.02.11]

Bye~~ MiniUFO is flying to Japan now to 'take photo' with HyunJoong. Kekeke ^__^ (in my dreams....)


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[News][2012.02.11] Kim HyunJoong's fans grouped around huge poster and caused chaos

Japanese fans caused chaos.

Oricon music reported an interesting news on 9 February. A huge Kim HyunJoong poster was pasted at Japan Omotesando. The poster is taken from a magazine which Kim HyunJoong is featured in recently.

Once the poster was pasted, many fans immediately group around to take a look, the venue became very chaotic until police has to come forward to maintain order. Fans were very excited and wished to have a glance of the huge poster.

The magazine (An An) was released few days after the poster was pasted, as many fans grouped around to see, it showed  Kim HyunJoong's high popularity and level of acceptance, this magazine was sold out immediately after released. 

At the same time, Kim HyunJoong released his Japanese Singles 'Lucky Guy' on 25 January, its sales has exceeded 100,000 pieces during the first week, it is a big encouragement for the CD's ranking in Music chart.

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