Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[News] SS501 Heo YoungSaeng Mini Album set to realse on 12-May [2011.05.04]

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[News][2011.05.04] SS501 Heo YoungSaeng Mini Album set to realse on 12-May

With the postponement of the album release due to his unexpected hand injury, Heo YoungSaeng’s mini album will be released on 12-May.

His agency worried a lot over the comeback date due to the slow recovery of injury back then, but they made their decision with considerations of the continuous enquiries from fans and Heo YoungSaeng’s own determination to make his comeback soon.

Despite that Heo YoungSaeng’s hand is still not in full recovery condition yet, we can see his striving passion in preparing for his comeback stage.

Starting with the release of his mini album teaser video on 4-May morning, they are preparing music video filming sketch, etc in order to show fans his many possible images prior to the album release.

It was known that 4Minute’s HyunA participated in the title song ‘Let it go’, and SS501 Kim KyuJong who moved to the same company as him, also participated for another song in this album, making more anticipations from fans.

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