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[Diary] KyuJong - Already December... Year 2012 Next Year !!! Woaah!!! ^^ [2011.12.06]

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[Diary][2011.12.06] KyuJong - Already December... Year 2012 Next Year !!! Woaah!!! ^^

Hello pretties~~ It has been a long timeeee!

I am KyuJong!! Also being known as Kyul. Also being known as Kyuri !! heehee

Either one is fine ~~ Call me warmlyyy ^^ heehee I will welcome it anytime~

I am at the height of filming my drama and practising for the musical recently !~

I did a God of Cookery trip which I haven’t done for a long time, and ate delicious stuffs !! ^^

Is everyone well, not catching the flu since it’s cold ?!

Always !! Must take care of ones’ health first !! I heard the flu virus is very strong these days TT ..

The feeling of trembling in the legs is still vivid in my body, my head, my mind..

It’s already the ending of year 2011...I will be 26 years old very soon !!

Like that much, our pretties are also ... hmm hmm !! heeheehee ^^ Anyway, I am very thankful

At the fact that we are spending time together like this~~

In the future, there are many paths to walk and many things that we must do, let us all stand in the position of each other~~

The past times !! Let’s smile and spend it well~~

The sayings of Confucius!! <Things that are done, it is needless to speak about, things that are past, it is needless to blame> … !!

Let go of all the bad memories and bad stuffs that happened in 2011 ^^

Just have to create even better days from now~

As the sayings of Mahatma Gandhi goes .. <The future depends on what we do in the present>

So !! Don’t be afraid of the future ^^ Be true to each and every little time that passes from now

If you have fun and enjoy, a bright future will be there waiting for us !! Isn’t it !? ^^

So let’s enjoy~~~ !! This is a world where all kinds of people all live together in~

Ah !! And I was being asked if I have someone I like during an interview in Japan, and I said I did.. heehee

I heard many people are asking about it!! Hehe Behind that interview, we were talking about Ms Oh SeJung

And laughing away..heehee Seems like it came out on the broadcast quite interestingly!!

hm...I have a press conference tomorrow at NamHae..I will be leaving for Tokyo next week for the musical~

^^ I will always be that !! Always smiling and I will spend a good time with those who are there together with me and return back~~

Pretties !! Because there isn’t many days left from tomorrow till 2012~

Go and contact those whom you haven’t contacted all those while ^^ Please spend warm time with your neighbours~

Understand?!!??!? Please also tell me how you’re going to spend your year end

Byeee~~~ Bbyong !!

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