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[News] Park Jung Min’s starring in his first drama ‘Sugarcake Garden’, “Wish to be a singer, actor and all round artiste” [20111101]

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[News][20111101] Park Jung Min’s starring in his first drama ‘Sugarcake Garden’, “Wish to be a singer, actor and all round artiste” 

SS501 member Park Jung Min recently starred in a Taiwan and Korea collaboration drama ‘Sugarcake Garden’. Previously, he was a singer and a musical actor who showcased different talent, now he has become an actor and met everyone, fans are carrying a huge expectation.

After finishing his drama press conference and fan-meeting, etc schedules, he is still the same like before, greeting us with his bright smile and voice, accepting our interview in a pleasant mood.

“I haven’t met everyone for such a long time. In order to create a perfect drama, we deleted scenes that we previously finished filming and re-filmed it. So I seem to spend my time in Taiwan and am unable to do any activities in Korea. They say that I am busy at places they can’t see me. (Laughs) I miss my fans.”

Park Jung Min expressed that in ‘Sugarcake Garden’, his role in the drama is an optimistic and cheerful hotel CEO’s heir. In fact, this role is similar to his own personality so it’s not difficult when it comes to filming but instead, he feels happy. In addition, because of his cheerful personality, there is no problem about the language barrier.

Unconsciously, it’s been 6 years since he debuted and to him who is already 25 years old, no matter if its singing or acting, he will not give up either one as they are the career he cares about the most. For now, he only wants to complete these careers wholeheartedly.

“To me, both singer and actor are important to me. I am filming for the drama now, so my target is to put in effort for the filming of drama. But recently, I am thinking of releasing an album. I really love my songs (Laughs) I will continue to work harder in the both aspect, showing everyone how I grow.”

From his bold yet luminous eyes, I can feel that Park Jung Min is really passionate in both music and acting. It was said that Park Jung Min normally take care of woman thoughtfully thus this made the other party having the wrong thought  which makes him lands into a hard situation. He who is always thoughtful, how will he attract girls he like? We have also asked about his ideal type at the same time.

“Actually I am not the type of people who will fall in love at first sight. I will start off like a normal friend and slowly develop my feelings to her naturally, after that I will like her. (Laughs) So I will not change myself to attract her, I will show her the real side of me. Thus, my ideal type is like someone who is a friend whom I can get along comfortably, someone who is happy and interesting when we get together. (Laughs)”

He is indeed Park Jung Min who does not need to think about his answers to a question. He regretfully expressed that he will be going to and fro Taiwan and Korea again, working even harder. He will be releasing an album in Japan early next year, and should be able to meet the fans in Korea by summer.
“I will work harder to meet everyone within the shortest time. I hope everyone can anticipate and wait for me. ‘Sugarcake Garden’ will be broadcasting next year, I hope everyone can look forward to it and support. Thank you.”
Park Jung Min kept his bright smile throughout the whole interview. He is such a honest and generous person. We hope that he will continue to work hard, and become the best singer and actor in Asia.


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