Thursday, March 24, 2011

[News] Park JungMin Dal Shabet’s Sally ‘Attention Groom & Bride?’ [2011.03.11]

He has 5 brides! Wow! =P


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[News][2011.03.11] Park JungMin Dal Shabet’s Sally ‘Attention Groom & Bride?’

SS501 Park JungMin partnered with 6-member girl group Dal Shabet for a photo shoot.

Park JungMin recently filmed a photo shoot for April wedding party concept with the members of Dal Shabet.

In this photo shoot, Park JungMin had a group shot with 5 lovers, the members of Dal Shabet with the exception of GaEun who could not participate due to leg injury, and of course with each member portraying as sweet lovely lovers, and as groom and bride, giving off appeals with their bright smiles.

Park JungMin maintained his stylish appearance be it wearing a traditional tuxedo to wearing causal dandy suit style. Staff said that he definitely showed Dal Shabet his aspect of a singer, 7 years senior to them.

Park JungMin and Dal Shabet’s wedding party photo shoot will be available in April issue of ‘InStyle Wedding’

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